How to Grow a Parent: The pregnancy, birth & postnatal podcast

Midwife Sally Goodwin

February 09, 2022 Midwife Sally Goodwin Season 1 Episode 2
How to Grow a Parent: The pregnancy, birth & postnatal podcast
Midwife Sally Goodwin
Show Notes

In this episode I speak to Midwife Sally Goodwin about a whole host of pregnancy, birth and postnatal related topics. From the latent phase of labour to postnatal comparison,  I’m very sure that every expectant or new parent will find this episode helpful, interesting and comforting in some way.

I'm proud to say that Sally is a The Mindful Birth Group® member teacher and has been a midwife for 12 years  as an NHS hospital, community and caseload midwife, and now as a private midwife.

She is also a qualified hypnobirthing teacher with her company Blossom Hypnobirth & Acupuncture in the Chesterfield area and is passionate about educating about and supporting all birth preferences and choices. Sally teaches the Mindful Birth course syllabus and teaches privately and in groups both in person and on Zoom.

We talk about how Sally came to be a midwife, how her own parenting experiences have influenced her care and how she has grown through the challenges and good times to be the wonderful mum and parent support she is today.

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