How to Grow a Parent: The pregnancy, birth & postnatal podcast

Introduction to series one

January 06, 2022 Emiliana Hall Season 1 Episode 1
How to Grow a Parent: The pregnancy, birth & postnatal podcast
Introduction to series one
Show Notes

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, one thing we all have in common as expectant or new parents is that we all evolve and  grow from the people we were pre-children. 

I’m Emiliana, and I created an antenatal & hypnobirthing education company called The Mindful Birth Group in 2017. I'm a hypnobirthing teacher and a birth and postnatal doula. The Mindful Birth Group isn’t just me- it’s also made up of a family of independent member teachers who teach parents using the Mindful Birth course syllabus all across the UK and via Zoom.

In this podcast, we will share a mixture of educational episodes and conversations with past clients, Mindful Birth teachers, and other experts in the pregnancy, birth and postnatal fields. As we do in all of our courses, we’ll include all birth preferences and choices and paths to parenthood too.

At the end of each episode we’ll finish by asking our guests what they are most proud of themselves for and how they’ve grown since becoming a parent or supporting parents in their field of expertise. It’s important we celebrate ourselves because being a parent doesn’t come with a monthly appraisal as we are so used to in the work place!

I hope you will enjoy listening to this unique positive and also very real outlook on becoming a parent, please don’t forget to rate and subscribe to it if you do!

This show is sponsored by The Mindful Birth Group® who provide award-winning antenatal, hypnobirthing and postnatal courses for expectant parents in-person and on Zoom. The unbiased and informative courses are designed to bring calm and confidence to your experience by making sure that you know your options, what to expect from a birth experience and how to navigate unexpected turns. All whilst sharing practical hypnobirthing/mindfulness tools and techniques to use for pregnancy, birth and beyond.

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