How to Grow a Parent: The pregnancy, birth & postnatal podcast

Dr Natalie Elphinstone

January 27, 2022 Emiliana Hall Season 1 Episode 1
How to Grow a Parent: The pregnancy, birth & postnatal podcast
Dr Natalie Elphinstone
Show Notes

For our 1st ever episode I’m talking to Dr Natalie Elphinstone, a mother and 'mother centred' obstetrician & gynaecologist. Natalie is well known on Instagram for her maternal centred approach to her care, which is particularly unique when it comes to caesarean births.

Dr Natalie practices in Australia, in  the Mornington Peninsula area. She grew up on a farm in rural Victoria before moving to the city to study medicine.

Since graduating in 2005, Natalie has played an active role in teaching and mentoring the next generation of medical students, specialist trainees and obstetric GP’s. She also enjoys supporting patients privately where she feels she can offer an even greater level of personalised care.

Natalie is passionate about empowerment. She believes in offering an individualised care plan alongside each person and their support team. 

Today we get to know Natalie as a doctor and as a mum, what she's learned and what she is proud of. 

This episode is dedicated to my lovely doula client Zoe who birthed her baby abdominally on the day we recorded this show. It was a bit touch and go as to whether the recording would go ahead, but we managed to squeeze it in early morning for the Oz time difference too!

Dr Natalie's website:

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